CouchCommerce becomes core module of Shopware 4

This is big news for us!

As of today CouchCommerce is a core module of Shopware 4. This means all Shopware shops will have our connector module embedded with their software and are ready to launch with a twinkle in one’s eye.

Everyone who was waiting for the CouchCommerce Shopware module to arrive can now download it for free here. In addition please choose your CouchCommerce plan here.

If you like to read the official press release, please click here (German).

PayPal and CouchCommerce team up to grow mobile commerce

Today PayPal published a press release announcing that they are teaming up with CouchCommerce in Germany to optimize online shops for tablets and smartphones. From now on PayPal merchants can use CouchCommerce to increase their conversions and revenues from mobile devices. A special landing page at PayPal provides all information to the merchants.

With 20 million accounts in Germany PayPal is the leading payment system for online shops and in pole position to offer a great mobile shopping experience as they pay attention to post pc devices like smartphones and tablets. In combination with CouchCommerce PayPal merchants have the best mobile shopping experience available for their clients.

We at CouchCommerce are excited about the partnership and the opportunity ahead!

The map below shows where in Germany, Switzerland and Austria mobile shopping is most popular today already.

CouchCommerce impressions and video from the Shopware Community Day 2012

Shopware Community Day 2012

As previously announced, the CouchCommerce team spent the 1st of June in Ahaus to visit the Shopware Community Day. It has been a great event and we got to know a lot of smart people from their community. Especially the presented new version 4 of Shopware, to be released in August, made a really good impression at a first glance.

CouchCommerce will support Shopware Online-Shops from August on via Plugins. You can already sign up for our beta here.

If you like to see the presentation given by Alexander about how tablets guide us into the Post PC Commerce era, here is the video (German). Additionally you can download the slides here.

Some impressions from the event can be found below. Check out our Facebook page for more.

Meet CouchCommerce at the Shopware Community Day

The CouchCommerce team was invited to the Shopware Community Day that will take place in Ahaus on the 1st of June. As the topic of this years event is “The next level of eCommerce” our Post PC Commerce focus fits perfectly in the picture and we are excited to participate. Shopware is one of the leading Open Source eCommerce companies in Germany and will also be one of the first systems connected to CouchCommerce via an easy to install plugin.

At 16:00 Alexander will talk about the impact of tablets and smartphones as first Post PC devices gaining market share. Additionally he will share the latest news and previews about new Post PC devices coming to the market. To help merchants with their optimization for these new devices Alexander will also share best practices and proven approaches of improving online shops.

Following the talk there will be a panel with experts discussing the topic “TABLET COMMERCE: THE NEXT LEVEL OF ECOMMERCE?”.

In addition to Alexander, Nadine and Kai will also be on site from our team. So make sure to get in touch if you are interested in CouchCommerce. We are looking forward to meeting you!

CouchCommerce Contributor Program Launched: First Movers Receive a new iPad!

The CouchCommerce team is proud to announce that the Contributor Program has launched! As first category we invite Front End contributors to join.

Our goal is to launch with a great choice of Front Ends optimized for tablets. For this reason we invite you to join as Front End contributor. Here are all the details:

  • CouchCommerce launched the Contributor Program for Front End contributors
  • Goal: In addition to standard Front Ends created by CouchCommerce, we like to add premium Front Ends from our contributors
  • Premium Front Ends will be offered to all CouchCommerce merchants
  • Premium Front Ends are targeted at special categories: e.g. electronics, fashion, lifestyle, travel, games, cars, computers, software, entertainment, gifts, flowers, health, beauty, home, garden, household appliances, mobiles, sports, fitness, televisions and toys
  • Contributors are free to choose the technology for their Front Ends -but most likely HTML 5, CSS 3 and frameworks like Sencha Touch and jQuery Mobile will be of interest
  • Contributors remain owner of the Premium Front Ends and license them via CouchCommerce to the merchants
  • Premium Front Ends will be made available to merchants as half year subscriptions for a monthly rate defined by CouchCommerce
  • CouchCommerce pays a 70% lifetime commission of the subscription fee to the contributors

As stimulus bonus CouchCommerce is giving away the new iPad to first movers: The first five accepted Front End contributors receive a new iPad on delivery and acceptance of their Front Ends!

Get in touch with us by e-mail ( if you are interested to join CouchCommerce as contributor. Please let us know the technology you like to work with and the category you are interested in. Once you are approved as official CouchCommerce contributor you will have access to our development team to get up to speed and to ensure a successful partnership. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Welcome to CouchCommerce

The term “Couch Commerce” is based on the fact that many people are sitting on their couch or other comfortable places at home while they do their online shopping recently. The introduction of the iPad two years ago and now the availability of Android based and very affordable tablet devices will completely change the buying experience forever.

The CouchCommerce team is focused on creating an easy and turnkey product that will enable all online shops to convert the millions of tablet users already visiting their sites into sales. If you like to participate in our limited Beta, please sign up at

Please take a look at our About page and our Website for more information about CouchCommerce.

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