CouchCommerce auf der bvh Workshop Convention 2014


CouchCommerce ist mal wieder unterwegs. Diesmal halten Alex und Kai einen Workshop auf der bvh Workshop Convention 2014 am 03. und 04. April in Hamburg. Am Donnerstag morgen geht es in unserem Workshop thematisch rund um die mobile Optimierung und Zukunftswege für den Handel. Dabei gibt es einen Blick in aktuelle Entwicklungen und viel “hands-on” durch die Teilnehmer. Wir freuen uns auf zwei spannende Tage.

Falls ihr in Hamburg dabei seid oder noch nichts vorhabt, freuen wir uns Euch bei diesem Event zu sehen! Ansonsten könnt ihr einfach unserem Twitter Stream folgen.

Increase your mobile conversion rate with our device detection plugins

For our customer we built a plugin that detects the device type and refers direct incoming traffic to the category with matching smartphone or tablet accessory. You can try this yourself by accessing with an iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPad or iPod touch. In each case you will be redirected to the right category.

iPhone Device DetectionTests at CouchCommerce have shown that by creating a customized and dynamic shopping context within web apps it is possible to increase sales significantly. These dynamic plugins can also help in other contexts like locating the nearest store or even providing information about stock levels of a desired product within stores nearby.

Let us know if you want to try it with your own web app!

Our all new Web Apps

screen_cc_demo_homeQuite secretly we have been deploying countless improvements to our web apps over the last months. To make them bullet proof we tested them internally and then with our flagship merchants that recognized significant conversion rate improvements!

This week we made the all new web apps available to all of our shops and we could not be more excited to share all the improvements with the public. For this reason we are now starting a weekly blog post to introduce new features and improvements.

If you cannot wait any longer to get your hands on the new web apps then we strongly recommend to checkout our demo shop with your smartphone and tablet running on the latest version:


CouchCommerce named as one of 5 German startups to look out for in 2014

eu-startupsCouchCommerce was just named as one of just 5 German startups to look out for in 2014 by EU Startups.

In the beginning of this year, we took a look at major European countries and tried to come up with a list of 5 startups (each country) to look out for in 2014.

EU Startups summarized our vision very well:

CouchCommerce is a cloud based e-Commerce SaaS platform offering responsive shop web apps for post pc devices like tablets, smartphones and smart TVs based on AngularJS technology. CouchCommerce is based in Hannover and was founded in January of 2012. The startup has been bootstrapped by a founding team with longstanding e-commerce experience. The vision of the ambitious CouchCommerce team is to become the leading responsive commerce platform for brands and manufacturers in the SMB sector. In September of 2013 CouchCommerce secured €1.2 million in Seed funding.

As we are working hard to release the next versions of our platform we are seeing great adoption rates with larger enterprise class merchants. So watch out for some exciting new flagship customers in the next months. We will keep you posted :)

CouchCommerce in Greece: the E-Commerce Forum 2020

We have been invited to speak at the new international e-commerce conference in Athens (E-Commerce Forum 2020: The way to Excellence) taking place today and tomorrow. So our very own Kai made the trip and is now on site:

ecommerce forum 2020

The conference is organized by (the leading e-commerce blog in Greece) and Direction S.A. The organizers like to establish a forum to exchange thoughts between leaders in e-commerce and and to point attention to the Greece e-commerce market.

Online shopping is rapidly growing in Greece. 1.9 Million Greeks were buying online in 2012 summing up to a total transaction volume of 2.9 Billion Euro. An increasing share of the strong growth in e-commerce is driven by smartphones and tablets. That is why Web App technology as offered by CouchCommerce becomes more and more important for merchants.

The line up of speakers is very international:

• Euro-Label – The European Trustmark Scheme for safe online-shopping, Thorsten Scharmacher, Head of Central Management, European Trustmark Scheme Euro-Label
• Couch Commerce instead Mobile Commerce: Why trade companies have to deal with tablets and smartphones?, Kai-Thomas Krause, Co-Founder & COO CouchCommerce
• “Good Deals” – Lessons Learned within the last 5 years in Western-Europe, Jürgen Hofmann, CEO Groupesales
• Mass Customization – Creating Customer Value in E-Commerce, Dr. Paul Blazek, CEO cyLedge
• Best Practices in Mass Customization: Chocri, Michael Bruck, CEO Chocri
• It’s Showtime: Live Video Commerce, Dr. Oliver Hoffmann, Department Director, Auctionata
• Bepado: The Future of E-Commerce Platforms, Jesse John Gibson, Director International Relations, Shopware AG
• Philips: Direct Online Sales (B2C – B2B) – Business now and in the future, Dennis Jumpertz, Senior Online Store Salesmanager Europe

Benchmarking our new Mobile Commerce Web App

While we are really busy at CouchCommerce on-boarding all the merchants in time for the Christmas shopping season I just quickly wanted to share some excitement about our new AngularJS Web App.

This is the current result of our new Smartphone optimized Web App:

CouchCommerce Web App loading time

If you want to compare your current mobile or desktop site just give it a try here at Pingdoms free website speed test.

As you know loading time is extremely important in e-commerce. Here are some facts that should make you think from our friends at KISSmetrics:

  • A 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.
  • If an e-commerce site is making $100,000 per day, a 1 second page delay could potentially cost you $2.5 million in lost sales every year.

Please visit their blog to find more interesting facts and a great infographic about the importance of loading times in e-commerce.

P.S. Try the speed test with any responsive e-commerce site for a mind opening moment ;)

Warum e-Commerce Marktführer nicht auf Responsive Design setzen

Merkwürdig, dass geblendet von dem RWD Hype, also dem Responsive Web Design, niemand hinterfragt warum die Marktführer keine Responsive Templates einsetzen. Gucken wir uns doch mal ein paar Seiten an:

Amazon – Kein Responsive Design – mobile shop
Zalando – Kein Responsive Design – mobile shop
eBay – Kein Responsive Design – mobile shop
Conrad – Kein Responsive Design – mobile shop
OTTO – Kein Responsive Design – mobile shop
ASOS – Kein Responsive Design – mobile shop
H&M – Kein Responsive Design – mobile shop

Die Liste könnte fast beliebig fortgeführt werden mit führenden Online-Shops. Wenn sie also kein Responsive Design verwenden, was dann? Fast alle führenden Händler verwenden dedizierte Mobile Commerce Shops für ihre mobilen Besucher. Das hat hauptsächlich einen Grund: Geschwindigkeit

4719684 4719686 4719689 47196684719730 4719722

Schon 2006 hat Amazon eine erste Studie zum Einfluss von Ladezeit auf die Conversion Rate veröffentlicht.Darin berichtet der Marktführer, dass 100 Millisekunden längere Ladezeit ca. 1 % Conversion Rate kosten. Andere Studien bestätigen, dass 40% aller mobilen Surfer Online-Shops verlassen wenn die Ladezeit über 3 Sekunden ist.Es ist daher verständlich, dass es wenig Sinn macht den gleichen Code an alle Typen von Geräten auszuliefern auch wenn insbesondere Smartphones nur einen Bruchteil benötigen.

Das war auch einer der Gründe, warum wir uns bei CouchCommerce auf Web-App Technologie spezialisiert haben. Unsere User Agent Weichen sind so umgesetzt, dass sie Besucher noch vor dem Laden des Desktop Online-Shops in die Web-App leiten. Die Web-App selbst ist dann in Größe und Erscheinung genau für das aufrufende Smartphone oder Tablet optimiert.

In Kürze werden wir alle CouchCommerce Web-Apps von Sencha Touch auf AngularJS umstellen. Damit werden wir die Ladezeiten um den Faktor 10 verkürzen und die schnellste SaaS Mobile Commerce Lösung am Markt anbieten. Denn schnellere Ladezeiten = höhere Conversion Rate! Mehr zu Responsive Design vs. Web-App auch in diesem Beitrag aus Juli.

NEU: CouchCommerce jetzt inkl. nativer Smartphone Apps!

App-Store App

CouchCommerce hat eine strategische Partnerschaft mit dem Softwareanbieter Tobit Software AG geschlossen und bietet ab sofort schon ab dem kleinsten CouchCommerce Tarif App Store Apps für Smartphones an! 

Viel mehr als nur eine App
Mobile Shop, Kundenbindung & Push Nachrichten


Bieten Sie Ihren Kunden auf allen mobilen Kanälen das beste Shoppingerlebnis mit CouchCommerce! Zusammen mit unserem Partner Tobit Software bieten wir Ihnen ab sofort kostenlos Smartphone Apps mit integriertem CouchCommerce Shop als Bestandteil unserer Tarife an:

  • Einrichtung in wenigen Minuten
  • Voll individualisierbar mit Logo, Farben und Grafiken
  • Innerhalb von wenigen Tagen in allen App Stores verfügbar
  • Integrierter CouchCommerce Shop
  • Facebook Fanpage Integration
  • RSS Feed Integration
  • Wartung und Updates inklusive
  • Keine kostenpflichtigen App Developer Zugänge nötig

Jetzt einfach für Ihren CouchCommerce Shop in der Console unter “Konfiguration” -> “Native App” aktivieren.


Sie haben noch keinen CouchCommerce Shop? Melden Sie sich einfach hier an:


Screenshots der iOS Smartphone App des CouchCommerce Shops Meilenstein Frankfurt:


Mehr Informationen finden Sie in unserer Pressemitteilung.

The Couch Tool Set – what tools we use at CouchCommerce

If you start a new company and try to build processes for all the certain areas of the business, you come across a lot of decisions for tools that you need. It’s pretty important to make the right choice, cause switching later can be a time consuming and costly pain. And eventually be a danger to your business. I like to give you an overview of what we use at CouchCommerce to support our business and why we chose it in the first place. And believe me: we tried out a lot to get the right tools.

The decision making process

If you want to use a new tool you should ask yourself some simple questions prior to spend/waste time on it. Continue reading

Mobile commerce start-up CouchCommerce receives seven-figure investment in first financing round

CouchCommerce receives seven-figure investment in first financing round

(Hanover, Germany, 3 September 2013)

Hanover-based start-up CouchCommerce has raised a seven-figure sum in its initial quest for funding. In addition to Hannover Beteiligungsfonds (HBF), which belongs to hannoverimpuls, the Venturepreneurs Organisation (including founders of Zanox, Autoscout24, were also involved in the first round of financing.

CouchCommerce excels with its focus, unique to the market, on advanced web-app technology for online shops. As a result, without prior installation app quality for online shops is achieved directly in the browser for the first time and on all operating systems. Compatibility with all smartphones and tablets is also guaranteed. One of the company’s goals is to expand the SaaS platform which has already steered 500 merchants towards mobile commerce and is growing rapidly. It also wants to use the financing to create an open source development standard for e-commerce web apps. The standard will be published on and based on AngularJS, Google’s web-app technology.

“In addition to the current turnkey mobile commerce solution for small and medium-size online merchants, the vision of creating an open source development standard for customised shop web apps and the experience of the CouchCommerce founding team convinced us this was a good investment”, comments Dr. Peter Wolff, Director of EnjoyVenture, HBF’s management company. “In the future, CouchCommerce won’t just be an attractive option to operators of online shops, but will also let developers and agencies tap into new opportunities. As partners of CouchCommerce they will be able to develop tailor-made web apps for their customers, based on the open source development standard. CouchCommerce will then be able to support major brands and online merchants too”, adds Dr. Wolff.

Alexander Ringsdorff, founder and director of CouchCommerce GmbH explains the company’s vision: “This first round of financing allows us to take a key step towards an e-commerce platform for web-app technology. Only about two per cent of all online shops worldwide are adapted to embrace the PC’s successors such as smartphones, tablets or smart TVs. Consequently, the demand for technologies that support the new gesture technology is enormous.  Because 20 to 30 per cent of surfers use these new devices – the majority of them at home on their couches.  In this case, mouse and keyboard are outdated and no longer used to fill shopping baskets”.

“By making this investment, we’ve managed to firmly anchor a high-potential start-up from our own network to Hanover as a business base”, explains Ralf Meyer, director of hannoverimpuls. “It’s a superb success story for Hanover as a technological bub and for the regional IT industry”. Over the past 18 months, founders Nadine Schmitt, Kai-Thomas Krause, Felix Hanos and Alexander Ringsdorff have put together an excellent team of 14 which has already won three founders’ prizes. In addition to Germany, since May 2013 CouchCommerce has also been available in England, France, Italy and Spain.


About CouchCommerce

The SaaS platform, belonging to Hanover-based CouchCommerce GmbH, automatically and swiftly transforms online shops into web apps for tablets, smartphones and smart TVs. The web apps are displayed directly in the user’s browser instead of the online shop and are gesture controlled. For merchants this translates into higher sales figures due to compatibility with all relevant smartphones and tablets and the low costs involved with entering mobile commerce. CouchCommerce GmbH was founded in February 2012. Experienced entrepreneurs like the founders of Autoscout24,, Zanox, Qype and are some of the start-up’s business angels.

About Invest-Impuls

hannoverimpuls GmbH is the business development organisation belonging to the City and Region of Hanover. Under the umbrella of Invest-Impuls it manages two regional investment funds: hannover innovation fonds (hif) for the seed-funding phase and Hannover Beteiligungsfonds (HBF) for the start-up phase. Furnished with capital amounting to 28 million euros, no other region in Germany offers young technological enterprises such generous financial support.

Invest-Impuls only provides equity in conjunction with other investment partners. hannoverimpuls is on hand to help search for suitable co-investors, whether these are private or institutional partners like the German government’s high-tech start-up fund (HTGF). EnjoyVenture  Management GmbH offers professional funding management to start-up companies.

About EnjoyVenture

EnjoyVenture is a funding management company, run by entrepreneurs, for seed-phase and start-up financing of innovative technology companies. As an industrial adviser and investor, EnjoyVenture believes active coaching, close liaison with network contacts and management support are core aspects of its role. Long-standing entrepreneurial, financing and industrial expertise and the associated networks set the EnjoyVenture partners apart. Since it was founded in January 2000, EnjoyVenture has helped 50 new companies and has in-depth experience in structuring spin-off financing from corporations and technical and scientific institutions. The seven members of the EnjoyVenture team currently manage four venture capital funds worth 50 million euros in total.

About the Ventrepreneurs Organisation

The Venturepreneurs Organisation is an NPO (non-profit organisation) which was founded in 2007 by venture capital company ACTIVE VENTURE PARTNERS. The non-profit organisation’s goal is to link up international entrepreneurs who regularly make investments at the early stages to ensure that experience gained is constantly shared.