Girls Day 2015 – zu Gast auf der Couch

Am diesjährigen Girls Day hatte CouchCommerce Besuch von Mara. Einen Tag lang sollen Schülerinnen und Schüler in ganz Deutschland einen Einblick in die Arbeitswelt erhalten. Hierzu suchen sie sich jeweils ein Unternehmen aus, in dem sie einen kompletten Arbeitstag verbringen möchten. CouchCommerce hat es geschafft und wurde ausgewählt ;).

Natürlich musste auch Mara CouchCommerce gemäß einen Teil des Tages auf der Couch verbringen :)

Gastartikel von Mara:

Hier hat mir Finja gezeigt wie man in einem Online Shop Produkte testet. Sie hat mir gezeigt wo man die Fehler weiterleiten kann um sie dann zu bearbeiten.


Nachdem ich bei Finja war, war ich bei den Software Entwicklern Ingo, Olly und Jan.


Hier zeigt mir Ingo die technischen und gestalterischen Herausforderungen der Web App Entwicklung.


Ich wurde heute Mittag von den Couchies bekocht.


Hier zeige ich Ingo wie er den Code noch optimieren kann ;-)

Fazit: Es macht ziemlich Spaß hier zu sein und die verschiedenen Seiten einer mobilen Shopentwicklung kennen zu lernen.

Wir freuen uns jederzeit über Praktikumsanfragen von Schülern jedes Alters!


CouchCommerce at the Meet Magento 2015


We are happy to announce our talk at this years Meet Magento conference in Leipzig. Kai will present the showcase of our Reno Omni-Channel Project which we implemented with high speed in just 3 months. You can listen and learn on the 11.05.2015 at 16:00 o’clock in the Business Room how the implementation with Reno and CouchCommerce works, what the next steps for Reno are and how CouchCommerce connects the online with the offline world.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-04-16 um 09.55.38

See you there!

CouchCommerce at the CeBIT 2015


This year we were very lucky to get an invite from IBM to participate as one of the startups at their (as you can see) huge booth. IBM sponsored startups and created the SmartCamp area for this years CeBIT. As we at CouchCommerce are integrated with IBM Websphere to provide Reno Schuhe the best and most modern frontend technology for their mobile shop, we are very happy to get such a wonderful chance to attend the CeBIT 2015 as a exhibitor from 16th of march until 20th of march in Hanover.


You can find our startup booth – number 130 – in hall 2 (Messe Nord) in the SmartCamp area. We are looking forward to see you there!


Join CouchCommerce as Cordova / PhoneGap Engineer

We are looking for developers with experience in Apache Cordova / PhoneGap to help us to build a solid bridge between our existing web apps and some native functionality.

In your job you’d help us write Cordova apps that use our existing web app and sofa  components. You’d work closely with the rest of the team to design new APIs and Cordova plugins to build bridges to native functionality.

These are the things that we consider critical for this role

  • You’ve a curiosity about how things work and don’t fear the rabbit whole
  • You like to create new things
  • You’ve been writing iOS and Android applications for a while
  • You’ve experience with Cordova/PhoneGap and know how to write plugins
  • You are a strong communicator.
  • You write understandable and maintainable code
  • You are someone that others enjoy working with due to your technical competence and positive attitude.

Please get in touch with Nadine ( if you are interested to join our team!

Lutz takes his seat on the couch

After we just welcomed Robin to the couch, we have another Couchie to introduce. This is Lutz :)


Lutz is a friend of mine whom I know from our time back in school. Currently he is studying computer science at Leibniz Universität Hannover and will join us as a working student. He will work on our backend and help to make our platform even more awesome.

Lutz was a very popular person in school and was known for his open heart and friendliness, so I think he will be a perfect match for the CouchCommerce team.

Lutz loves to visit festivals and to watch movies. He is also very interested in Minecraft programming and working with hardware.

We are so happy to have him, so please welcome him :)!

Robin takes his seat at CouchCommerce

At the beginning of February Robin became the latest member to join the CouchCommerce crowd. He’ll be supporting the front-end team, spearheaded by Christoph and Pascal.

This post is written by Sally Massmann, subtenant at the CouchCommerce HQ.

Robin grew up with his two brothers in Hanover. His dad, Phil, is also English like me so all three boys could always speak German and English perfectly. The little, bespectacled boy with dimples I knew years ago quickly developed an interest in anything to do with computers. It wasn’t long before he was programming himself and became involved with the Hanover JS Group too.

Robin got his first writen warning on his first day ;)

At the moment he’s studying computer science at Hanover Uni. Despite enjoying programming he says that he’s interested in the theoretical side of the subject as well. Robin, like the rest of his family, loves football in any shape or form. So the tiny cell of soccer fans here looks forward to reviewing each weekend’s Bundesliga matches with him.

Robin’s parents are vegetarians and they all enjoy cooking. Once he’s found his feet at Couch maybe he’ll cook us up a storm one lunchtime!

We are happy to have him, so please welcome him :)!

CouchCommerce recap 2014

How time flies by! It’s already end of January 2015 and we did not publish our 2014 recap, yet. But it’s never too late too share good stories, so here we go!

Our Couch year 2014 started with great new team members.








Pascal, Judith and Olli joined our team and we couldn’t be happier to have found them <3. CouchCommerce was named as one of 5 German startups to look out for in 2014 – I promise, it’s also worth to look out for us in 2015 ;). We also had our first intern at CouchCommerce.

Our team grew :)

CouchTeam-15. Juli 2014_306

One of the two big changes for CouchCommerce in 2014 was the announcement of – our SDK for E-Commerce Web Apps.

sofa SDK
Sofa makes your life easier when it comes to building e-commerce web applications, optimized for touch devices. Sofa is open source so that you can use our powerful components, too. Sofa also embraces modularity. We split up each component into its own repository on GitHub, so that you only have to take what you need and nothing more.

For developers and agencies this is a great starting point to create e-commerce front ends based on superior web app technology. Sofa cannot only be used to bring great touch driven user experience to smartphones and tablets but also covers in-store and even desktop use cases thanks to the almost complete coverage of modern browsers today. So we are moving towards a unified front end experience delivered by CouchCommerce!

If you like to learn more about Sofa you can watch our getting started webinar. You can also read how to deploy our single page web apps.

screen_cc_demo_homeCouchCommerce DemoshopWe published our all new web app in March, with a whole brand new design and usability concept. The one step snap checkout was one of the highlights of it, we also integrated a wishlist into our Web App. See for yourself how lightning fast our web app behaves in your browser! We changed the URL structure of our CouchCommerce single page web apps to improve the SEO.
We released Sofa in August 2014 with our flagship stores runtastic and Reno.

The second big thing was changing our business model. With sofa we launched our brand new website, too. Since August 2014 merchants can start to work with one of our partners or in-house developers towards a customized web app experience based on Sofa. Our first Sofa customers were runtastic and Reno.

runtastic logo_Reno



We also took part at the Dublin web summit and got to the semi finals of the startup pitch. We were so proud to be one of 250 from more than thousand startups who were able to pitch in front of the international jury and made it to the final 10 startups!

IMG_2657 Dublin Web Summit 2014

In November we had our amazing Couch offsite on Mallorca. Our winter escape was one of the best decisions we made in 2014, we had a lot of fun, a very productive time and we enjoyed to be with each other 24/7 as much as the beautiful weather! We can’t wait to have our next offsite with our Couch family <3.

IMG_2690 IMG_2823






If you like to follow us, here you’ll find our social media channels. You can be sure, that we have many big news in 2015, so it’s worth staying in the loop ;).

CouchCommerce im Experten Webinar mit minubo: Mobile Commerce und die Zukunft des Handels

Im Dezember haben wir mit minubo das Experten Webinar ” Mobile Commerce und was danach kommt” bestritten.

Wir beschäftigen uns tagtäglich mit Fragestellungen zur Zukunft des Handels und arbeiten kontinuierlich daran die Zukunft der Händler mitzugestalten und Antworten sowie Lösungen für die neue Form des Commerce zu liefern. Gemeinsam mit minubo haben wir uns diesbezüglich innerhalb des Webinars über die aktuellen und zukünftigen Herausforderungen für Händler ausgetauscht.
Es wurden Lösungsansätze für erfolgreichen mobile Commerce vorgestellt und sich außerdem einigen weiterführenden Fragestellungen gewidmet: Was passiert bei neuen Geräteklassen? Wie kann eigentlich die Offline Filiale mit eingebunden werden? Welche Herausforderungen kommen nach mobile Commerce?

By 2016 smartphones will be more important to your e-commerce shop than desktop pcs

Here at CouchCommerce we are closely following all studies and available statistics on the growth of touch driven traffic via smartphones and tablets. One great source is Statcounter that publishes daily updated statistics of worldwide web usage by platform.


As you can see in the graph above this tool provides a great overview of what is happening on the web since the release of smartphones and tablets. You can also drill down by location to understand better how your target markets are doing.

Now in December 2014 we are looking at the following data:

  • Desktop traffic: 61,98 %
  • Smartphone traffic: 31.55 %
  • Tablet traffic: 6,46 %

This means that the touch driven traffic via tablet and smartphone has reached a total of 38,01 % already and is quickly increasing. Between January and December 2014 desktop lost a share of 13,8 % and touch devices grew their traffic share by 35,2 %.

As a consequence we see that by mid 2016 the worldwide traffic for all websites and e-commerce shops will be dominated by touch driven devices. Especially the smartphone will be dominant as it proved itself as our primary computer.

While we see first topics and discussions about the need of innovation in e-commerce front end technology these days, it is still very surprising to us how this radical change is underrated by merchants and software companies. Clearly the existing template technology from the 90s of shop systems is not going to survive in a mobile-first world.


CouchCommerce Mallorca Winter Escape 2014

A few months ago we planned our offsite for this year. The main goal was to get away once the rain, clouds and low temperatures arrive in Hannover and then work in a sunny environment. We didn’t want to do just a normal offsite for a few days or a week, we wanted to change and improve the way we are working for a longer period. To start this journey we had to find a place where the sun shines most of the time :) that was the main requirement. The next requirement was: it has to be startup compatible, means it has to be cheap but really great ;).
At CouchCommerce we work a lot remotely so we wanted to combine our offsite with the possibility to work from another place in the world together. We decided to rent a villa for a month to make a nice remote working place available. Luckily we found a great place big enough for all Couchies, owned by lovely people who are not using the location over the winter months but were willing to rent it to us at a friction of the costs you would expect. It’s about half of our monthly office rent for a place that hosts 12 people :).
Following this we decided to go to Mallorca. For one month. To begin with ;).
While I am writing this blogpost I am sitting in front of the pool, having my Couchies around me (it couldn’t be better!). We have a lot of fun, by the way, that was the most important thing we wanted to intend with this offsite / winter escape. We have the privilege to work from wherever we want, so why shouldn’t we do this!? :) It’s great to work in swimwear in front of a nice villa in Spain while having fun with your friends, going into the pool, drinking a beer in the evening sun, fixing bugs, coding on new features for our web apps or having a chat with our customers via the fully functional VOIP phone station we took with us. 
Currently we are in the 3rd week of November. This is the one week where we coordinated to have everyone here in Mallorca for a shared experience. In the first two and the last week of November we have different teams staying here. That way we were able to combine the typical offsite experience with a remote working location.
We start our days with an early sport session. Some of us go running, some of us do workouts at the pool. Others sleep one more hour or prepare the breakfast ;)
CouchCommerce Winter Escape biking
After that we have a nice breakfast together outside in the sun and plan the day. This week every day after lunch we have a workshop for one hour, the rest of the day we are working “as usual”, followed by playing games, jumping into the pool, exploring the surrounding area, having dinner, play monopoly or working in the evening :)
You may think that our business must be running like hell if we are able to afford an offsite like this, but that is a fallacy :). Renting the villa for a month costs less than an office in Hannover! Flights costs less than a small train ride or even a taxi drive. So again, why shouldn’t we do this a lot more often than just once a year or just for one week if everybody loves it :)!? 
The point is, you are a lot more productive than you are if you work in your regular environment. You are sitting all together fixing problems or create new features. You spend 24/7 together with the most amazing people – for sure you need the right people to stay with them 24/7 for a week and we luckily have them!!
Maybe we see the things in a different way than other companies do, but the main thing is to have the greatest team in the world and if you found this great team, you will rock like hell <3! So keep an eye on CouchCommerce and the Sofa SDK – there are great things in the works :)!